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Banos and Patate
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Date: 10/25/2011 5:55 pm
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We took a short trip to Banos, this is one of the most picturesque towns in the Andes. We had travelled to Cuenca and Quito before, yet we found Banos to be the highlight of our Ecuador tour.

We enjoyed the sweet taffy they make and of course the visits to the near by waterfalls. 

We found a neat restaurant called La Casa del Abuelo, it is actually a guest house, we only visited for dinner and really enjoyed it, the owner is a chef specialized in fusion cuisine and treated us to a delicous pork soufle with mushrooms and passion fruit sauce.

We spent the night in a small village nearby called Patate, we were taken by our guide Xavier to a nice hacienda called Leito. The place is amazing, the owner gave us one of his books about the story of the hacienda and how his family had owned it for centuries. It is a historic building in itself but turned into a charming boutique hotel were every details has been accounted for.

The rooms were well appointed and had a warm fireplace. The food was also great and the grounds are delightfull for walking and just taking in the views.

We were fortunate to book a massage, and enjoyed the spa to ourselves since the group staying there left early.

Leito is our favourite hotel in South America!

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